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Melou is a songwriter and producer from Bavaria, Germany. Over the years he has acquired lots of skills in the music industry. He finished his diploma in Audio Engineering at College in July 2022. Even if he released his first Song "wohin" in 2022, Melou has a lot of experience. He is actively producing and singing at Festivals, modern Churches and Weddings. He produces his music mostly by himself but loves to collaborate with other artists and producers.


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Melou's Story

Melou (Marc-Louis Wagner) is an individual, singer- songwriter, artist and producer. His achievements in the industry have made him a pacesetter with amazing contributions. Louis background with a Diploma in Audio Engineering coupled with the knowledge and skills he has acquired over the years has enabled him build a successful career. Louis journey in the music industry started many years ago as a young boy from Bavaria in Germany. Growing up in church, his

exposure to music and musical instruments started at an early age and following in this passion, he made sure to learn how to play all types of guitars very well, and extrapolated the same enthusiasm to learn the Piano and drums very well. Louis produces music mostly by himself but enjoys working with other artists as well. Singing and playing with bands, Louis takes pleasure integrating his unique mix of

producer, singer, songwriter and instrumentalist perspectives to his work to create amazing tunes. Louis has an unmatched ability to build and maintain excellent working relationships. Leveraging this unique skill, he has produced and collaborated with different artists from various music genres. He enjoys the challenge and diversity and uses it as a third eye to inform his work. With this in mind, Louis is actively ghost producing and songwriting, attributes that keep him way ahead of his competition. Active since 2020 when the pandemic hit, Louis boasts of incredible experiences performing live. Among his appearances include regular performances at Weddings, Open-air festivals and modern Churches. With deep industry knowledge, coupled with an analytical and detail-oriented approach, Louis is equipped to understand the needs of the most discerning audiences, delivering an experience rooted in authenticity, entertainment and vibe. His strong creative and performing skills make him a keen proponent for his music, proactively seeking out new ways to enhance his services and to continually attain excellence, with fan base satisfaction the ultimate objective. Outside, the 21-year-old musician loves cars and completed his training as a mechanic at BMW Car Company in 2021.



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